Add a new search engine


I would like to add the Presearch search engine and set it to default. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @CooperOnTheRun ,

Please see and let us know if it’s unclear.



I have already tried this before without success, so I’m asking for advice.

I added Presearch to the site search section but I am not able to set it to default. Is that possible?


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That’s weird. I can’t set it to default.

How did you define the search URL?

Looks like it won’t allow you to set an engine as ‘Default’ if it doesn’t contain a ‘%s’ string, which is a substitution for your search text as described on the How-to link that was shared earlier.

For example, in this case you probably want to use something like:

If you have a ‘%s’ in there someplace already then something else must be going on, in which case please share the exact definition and we can try testing the same.

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This helped. I added the address you provided and I could set it as the default search engine. Thank you!


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