Can the devs increase the amount of BAT per ad, given the current prices

There are several articles circulating with none that I found giving specific amounts of Bat earned/ad. Here is one article I found from 2020 where the person shows earning over 40 bat in a month.
I have had people in the past comment about making “much” more bat when it first launched compared to now. I distinctly remember 1 person stating they used to earn .6 bat per ad. Not sure if that is true, but is what was stated.


When I started using Brave, BAT price was around 1.60$, homepage ads gave 0.0025. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it doubled when went under 1.50$ (0.005), then again at 0.75$ (0.01). Some months ago price fluctuations over/under 0.75 make change rewards from day to day.

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I certainly remember 0.1 bat per ad. At the beginning of 2021. bat was around the same value as it is now. And now regular new tab pic ad is 0.01.
So you have 10x less bat amount per ad than back then.

Before there was .5 as well when I started using brave.


Thank you all for the information. This is good to know.

Yeah, you’re right. That’s the point. It clearly doesn’t follow a single formula.

I also remember this discussion that raised some references:

PS.: currently at:


@g00z Thanks for the links! Excellent resources that users should read if they want to know more about BAT/ad.

I really liked BAT rewards drop from 0.01 BAT/ad to 0.001 BAT/ad - #111 by jsecretan. The link in that post has a ton of useful information too (THEMIS: with links to even more useful information like ( THEMIS RFC&C: ( and every additional link has links to an overwhelming cascade of information sources. TBH I didn’t read a lot, there is an overwhelming amount of information and some of the articles were way over my head! lol

Anyone really interested (or concerned) about BAT/ad payouts would definitely benefit from reading those posts and taking a deep dive into THEMIS and what Brave is working on in the background. I have no idea where they are and what is or is not in place, but it is definitely a step in the right direction and will allay concerns both users and advertisers may have about payouts. An abundance of process charts and formulas provided too. lol

They just updated homepage ads to 0.025, nice.

Yeah, I was about to comment that.

This is the first time I see a 0.025 Sponsored Image.


Yup, first time ever I got two worth 0.025. Maybe they did listen lol

Yeah, I just noticed that as well. Nice!!

Also, first time I see a 0.05 ad.


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I don’t have it in my region

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Since starting this topic and getting the increase initially, today I have recieved exactly zero ads lol.

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I think you’re slightly confused :confused:… For one, its called Brave “REWARDS”… not Brave “Pay Me”. Second, its an opt-in program… meaning if you’re not satisfied with the terms of participation you can always choose to opt out if you’re unhappy. No reason to keep doing something if you dont think its worth doing, imho. Id also remind myself of what exactly the browser landscape looked like only a handful of years ago and then thank my lucky stars :star2: that a browser is so committed to us users and takes our privacy, security, & protecting our data as seriously as we do. They do all that AND they reward us with an actual token that has value.

Brave’s overwhelming growth year-over-year has clearly proven its concept and BAT’s price action over the past few years coupled with the broswers exploding user base is indicative of whats to come in the future; massive BAT growth :rocket::new_moon_with_face:!!!

I appreciate your enthusiasm for earning BAT my friend :fist:, but just remember that while the token (and market) is waaay down right now, its only temporary… there will be many more bull runs to come and BAT will begin setting new ATH’s, once again. And when that happens, what we DONT want, is Brave to call up and say, “Hey guys, since BATs price is screamin’ right now so we’re gonna be REDUCING the amount users earn.” Haha :laughing::slightly_smiling_face:

While we won’t want that to happen, that is what will happen. Prices fluctuate quite a bit and to massive degrees in some cases. I am well aware that these are rewards, it’s usually me telling other people that in fact, but as prices plummet rewards should (and have) be increased. As the price goes up the rewards should drop, especially if they are charging advertisers by the dollar for the ads.


Of course, i agree… i just don’t want them to! Haha :grin::+1::fist_right::fist_left:

Rewards? Ahh thats terrible… Maybe some say they will be available in your area! :pray: :crossed_fingers:

u are asking to increase reward. they are going to reduce it. you will get 1 ad only per day in upcoming update. 0.01 NTB ad. and lucky if you get notification ad.

Quite interesting argument, never though about this way. 1000 Ads to 500 users vs 1000 Ads to 1000 users. Latter will get less BAT per Ad at constant price. Makes sense.