Very low BAT token price. Where are the higher Ad payments?

It’s been said several times the higher the BAT token, the lower the Ad payment (in BAT), which makes sense ok.

But the very opposite is not true… BAT token is falling for months now and we continue receiving the same Ad payments.

Sorry but I really don’t understand the logic here. Can someone explain?

It looks like there’s no single formula for both scenarios.


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I have noticed there are seem to be a few more ads that are worth 0.025 BAT and there is even an ad or two worth 0.05 which is the highest I have seen since using Brave for over a year. Also when BAT was valued at over 1$ there were a lot more new tab page ads paying out only 0.005 BAT. Now that BAT is low I am only seeing new tab page ads worth 0.010 BAT. It ultimately comes down to what advertsiers are willing to settle to pay for their ads.

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