Can’t get an empty new tab anymore. Plus: the search engine it’s offering is not the one I selected

I’ve just updated from 1.41.100 to 1.42.97 and I’m now getting the Brave Search bar in the middle of all new tabs (whether normal or private window) even though:

  • in “Appearance”, new tabs are still set to « “New tab” page »
  • in “Search engine”, both normal and private windows are still set to DuckDuckGo
  • I restarted Brave completely
  • I even deleted all search engines except DuckDuckGo.

Expected result
An (essentially) empty page upon Ctrl+T, as before, without any search engine bar in the middle. If it is no longer possible to NOT have a search bar on new tabs, at least I want it to be DuckDuckGo. (Maybe some day I’ll try Brave Search, but I’m not there yet.)

Brave Version

In the middle??

Do you have any extensions installed, and if so, can you try with them disabled?

Otherwise, can you show us a screenshot?

Extensions? Yes, of course. It will be a while before I can start experimenting again because I’m in the middle of things.

However, now, the search bar no longer appears in normal windows; only in private windows. And I didn’t restart the browser or changed anything since the day before! So maybe it will disappear from private windows eventually. :thinking:

Here is a screenshot:

OK. Yes, that is the new design for the Private Window. This makes sense now.

But it wouldn’t make sense if it were also occurring in a ‘normal’ window so if that behavior returns, please let us know.

On the other hand, with your issue of the search engines not changing, it looks like the engine in the middle of the page can’t be changed thru settings (as far as I can tell, although I haven’t looked very hard). But if you use the Address Bar for searching, that one should follow your settings.

Yes, I noticed that the search engine that is active in the Address Bar is correct, but I hardly ever use that. I use the main DuckDuckGo page, with various saved settings, and I work mainly with private windows. So the new, unwanted search bar is really annoying. It doesn’t even respect the browser’s main language setting! :roll_eyes:

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