"Brave Search bar" widget on "New tab" to force search on web using "Brave search engine"

Can you please add an option on the “new tab” where it allows me to enable “add the brave search bar” on the middle of the new tab ?

For Example, Now i have enabled Google as my search engine but i would also like to use brave search time to time whenever i feel like google is censoring some information and to see what features and design changes has been made recently from time to time so add this search widget option (typing on address bar and searching something results in google search results and typing something on the brave widget and clicking the search button forces brave to perform a search using the brave search engine regardless of default engine has been set to Google)

Also add these two

I also really want brave search bar to appear on new tab, like we get in private window.


Devs please consider adding this widget support and deliver update for this support before Jan 10, 2023, thanks.

This would be a great feature!

More perfect it would be, if there is a small drop down menu beside the search bar to select the search egine (google, duck duck go, bing,…)