Are there any other options Uphold & Gemini

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I have been use Brave like 4 months and I have some bat in my brawe wallet. Both of the Gemini and Uphold don’t verify me without any reason. I have already verified account blockpass, binance, huobi, etc… This is the first time uphold and gemini dont verify me, dont understand the reason really.

Now I need a solution; only solution don’t use brave anymore? Or are there any options to take my $BAT token?

At this moment Brave only allows Gemini or Uphold for custodial wallets. There may be more future options coming in the future, however, nothing set in stone yet. You could continue to use and not partake in ads. Or, you can accumulate a lot of BAT in the hopes they eventually come out with another custodial wallet that would work for you, however, that could be a risk due to if you re install brave or reinstall your OS / buy a new computer etc, then all the BAT would be lost

I know my region is supported. For example I have a friend already verified uphold. Can I use his account to send $BAT?

Theoretically you can, if your friend allows it. But it is a risk for your friend. It is one more device registered, out of a maximum of 4. And if any dubious activity occurs in your browser, your friend’s account may be flagged. It is also a risk for you. The BAT will never be yours while in your friend’s wallet. Anything can go wrong.

My recommendation is the following. Keep accumulating BAT in your browser rewards wallet with the hope that soon another custodial wallet is added to Brave. Meanwhile, try to solve the issue with Uphold or Gemini. There must be a reason why you are not able to do KYC.

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Gemini wouldn’t verify me, either. I gave them a perfectly valid US state ID and they still wanted me to link a bank account and wire in a deposit. Not happening. The reason they do that, IMO, is that once you have a bank account linked to them they think you’ll transfer more fiat into their care since it’s easy at that point. It’s just a way to for them to get more of your money. Again, IMO.

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