Bug report: Youtube inf load w other window open

Bug report, I’m not sure if there was another forum to post it on. Very strange and only seems to happen with brave.

Steps to reproduce:
Open YouTube in a window.
Open robinhood.com in another window
Try to play a YouTube video

You will notice the video can not load no matter what you do (refreshing, skipping ahead etc) while the website robinhood.com is open. I’m not sure why this is happening, and has not occurred with any other website that I’ve been on in another window.

Things I’ve tried to workaround to no avail:

Task manager’ing the brave app
Refreshing both windows
Updating all drivers I could find

I can reproduce this very easily, just by dragging the Robinhood tab into a separate window on another screen. The second i do that, it just infinite loads youtube videos. Right when i close the window with Robinhood opened, it starts loading fine right away.

My internet is very strong and is not a slow speed or ping related issue (550d 40u,11p)

If anyone maybe has any thought to why this happens, let me know! It really sucks when im trying to multi task and it just freezes my video till I close the window, resulting in me needing to use chrome for 1 thing and brave for another :frowning:

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