Youtube doesnt load correctly

Since today youtube has been acting weird, whenever i open a tab with a video or go from the home to one of the recommended videos the page doesnt finish loading like it’s supposed to.
This is what the page will look like once it’s finished loading:

I think i managed to track down the issue to the Brave Shield, if i disable it entirely then the website works normally, however if i also click on advanced controls and change some of the options underneath it sometimes starts working again (for example if i click on ‘upgrade connection to HTTPS’ to turn it off it will start working, then when clicking again on it it will break, this will happen with the other options as well).
The issue seems to happen only when im logged in.
I tried disabling all my extensions (which are just 3), i tried clearing the cache, i tried disabling and re-enabling night mode (which i turned on just a few days ago, despite the browser working fine up until now).

I’m on Brave version V1.39.111 on a Windows 10 machine.

This is really annoying, what can i do to fix this?

Seems to be youtube. @chair

Try clearing the cookies and cache, then re-login. Also test in private window mode

i already did, didn’t work, same with private window.
If im logged in and the brave shield is on the page doesnt load correctly.

Seems like the issue was with youtube, it appears to be working fine today.

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