YouTube not loading for Brave

I am having an issue loading YouTube videos. I can load into the YouTube home page with no problem. I can also watch YouTube shorts with no problem. However, when I click any other regular long-form videos, the browser would not load into the page, or it takes an extensive amount of time to load. I check other websites involving loading videos and they work fine. I tried twitch, Hulu and some other similar platforms. The only issue is YouTube’s long-form video. It seems like the video isn’t the problem and once I get into the web page, the video works fine. The problem is I can load into the web page of the video in the first place. This only started happening yesterday, anyone have similar issue of know how to fix this?
Here’s a screenshot of what I see

Brave Version( Brave v1.59.124)

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I am having the same issue and it started happening since yesterday. If I open a video on youtube directly then it opens, however if I open the video in a new tab it does not open.

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Looks like it was a YT issue.

Is it still broken?

Yes, but I found a solution in another thread
Here’s the thread, scroll down for solution, it works for me so hopefully it works for others as well. Brave will not open Youtube in a new tab - #22 by Capnoni
You simply add the Ulock origin extension to your browser and add this line to the filters

Can you test sheilds, without uBO

I tried turning the shield off before adding the extension. I also tried different settings for the shield, and none of them worked.

Shields should work, I’m not seeing any issues here. No doubt there were issues which affected other browsers and even uBO (pre filter update).

I’m having the same issue. Only extension i have is Video Speed Controller.

Thread might help. Again, extensions can interferre with youtube will also get targetted by YT anti-adblock

Many extensions (adblock/privacy/youtube-related) will cause issues with youtube, since the rules are updated daily and since these other extensions aren’t updated regularly. Brave and uBO get blamed for breakage or ads.

  1. Make sure brave://components Brave Ad Block Updater is the latest
  2. Test in private window mode, no extensions.
  3. Clear cookies and cache and then relogin. (Important)
  4. Check

There maybe a delay when an youtube uBO update is out and when Brave gets it (around an hour).

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I found a solution that worked for me.
Try changing the user agent to something like Firefox-windows and see if it works.
If so, you can use the User Agent Switcher Extension to always change YouTube’s user agent.
I’m using this extension since it has a whitelist to have it only for YouTube.

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