YouTube video stops loading

I saw this Youtube not loading on Brave but I tried everything except creating a new profile. Cos I wanna keep all history and auto-fills. Can we solve it in another way?

Frankly, I love Brave and it’s been disappointing. I don’t understand why common things like YouTube Google don’t work. Yes, even Google hangs when I searched from URL bar.

If you create a new profile it won’t delete your original one. And then you can test in the new one and at least see if the issue is localized to your original profile.

You can switch between profiles at any time, although it’s recommended to NOT have your original profile open if you are troubleshooting something with a new profile.

Beyond that, can you tell us more about what’s happening? What version of Windows, what version of Brave? Any error messages, etc.?

Brave 1.40. Windows 10. I always use hibernation.

Sometimes Google search shows blank when I search from URL bar.

Most times Youtube videos (video loader spinning forever) fail to load but the rest of YouTube site loads fine, odd.

Whatsapp web doesn’t load after scanning QR code.

All the above works on private mode and can’t expect someone to keep switching between modes and profiles. It’s such a hassle especially when we use browser for like 8 hours per day.

It’s a troubleshooting step. If we can localize and solve the issue, then you shouldn’t need more than 1 profile. Nobody is suggesting switching profiles for the rest of your life.

If it works in Private mode then that strongly suggests it’s an issue with an extension, or maybe secondarily, your profile.

Do you have any extensions installed/enabled? If so, does it still happen with them all disabled?

Is any antivirus or other security software installed?

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Just a FYI. Here’s why people suggest as you saw.

  1. Private Mode = Helps us recognize if Extensions are the issue. If it works in Private Mode, it means you have an extension on your browser that likely is causing issues. So we’d advise you to disable them and activate one at a time until you find what’s causing problems.

  2. New Profile = New Profile helps us rule out whether it’s a setting you might have changed. If it suddenly works with a New Profile, then it’s having to find out what you changed in your primary profile that is causing problems.


Ok, thanks but today I found a new bug. I can’t download videos from, I get failed network error even in private mode. But I don’t get this error on Chrome. I’m using more or less the same extensions for both.

Ok, I found the culprit for youtube not loading. It’s the “Allow CORS: Access-Control-Allow-Origin” extension. But FYI, I have the same ext on Chrome and I never have any issue.

But after disabling all exts on Brave, Pexels issue persists.

And btw, I can’t use Google Meet on Brave.

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