I can't verify my wallet on android

I have 3000 Bat and it won’t let me check the wallet because it tells me saying I need 25 Bat, which seems illogical to me if I have more than that.

I think you maybe misreading the bat you have… can you post a screenshot of your brave rewards?

Si, you mean i need 25.000?
And why on my pc I can’t see the same amount as on my mobile even though I have it synchronized? in pc he let me verify the wallet and in that I have 0.

They will only sync if you have verified both the devices with the same uphold account.

Are talking brave sync? That doesn’t sync rewards wallets. You need to verify wallets to uphold. On desktop you don’t have to accrue 25 bat, but on mobile you do… requirement from uphold…

you have 3.000 bat not 3000, about the requirement of 25 bat I saw an issue on github that says the minimum currently is 15 bat but the warning still shows 25

maybe I rushed a bit, I’m not sure if it is already implemented and currently I can’t confirm it by myself :sweat_smile:

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