Browser only displaying sites plain text

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Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Launch Brave
2.Go to any website
3. Website lose usual presentation, only plain text content remain

Expected result: see websites like they show on other browsers

**Brave Version( check About Brave):**1.61.109

Mobile Device details Galaxy A40

Additional Information:

A solution has been found. Please refer to this post here: Brave with the shield up makes most web pages just a wall of text and makes Youtube unusable - #24 by Shikaternia

The fix seems to go for a windows. I Don’t access to the lists the same way on brave for android. So not fixed for now.

Type ‘‘brave://adblock’’ in the address bar and disable ‘‘EasyList Cookie’’

Go to Settings, then Brave Shields, then find Content Filtering, the disable “EasyList” Cookie. I am on Android as well and it works for me.

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Not same pathway, easylist was
parameters : content filters : list = easylist cooki

(translated from brave french menu)

Will this be fixed? Because I’m not going to be dealing with this all the time. Easylist Cookies was probably filtered for a reason.

Disabling easylist cookie helped… hope there’s a permanent patch

You can turn it on again. It’s been fixed, apparently. I can confirm it on my end.

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