Browser Issues (Loading Times & Settings)


I recently moved from Google Chrome to Brave for the privacy and security as I only recently found out how much information Chrome can get from you. So I have been using Brave now for about a week sometimes with VPN sometimes without.

I have been getting the following issues:
*30-50% RAM usage from Brave (i have 16GB 3200mhz)
*Page loading times are very long between 4-11 seconds before a page fully loads
*Browser in general being very slow

I will attach some screenshots to show my browser settings and internet speeds, I am hoping maybe someone can tell me why I am getting these issues and be able to fix them very simple with some changed settings. I want Brave to be the fastest it can be but I fear this may be at the cost of wanting all the privacy and blockers meaning slower browsing times but safer browsing.

2020-02-05 14_52_41-Settings - Brave 2020-02-05 15_00_32-Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test - Brave

2020-02-05 14_53_45-Settings - Brave

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