Slow browser brave

The browser moves very hard when I start it! I clean all history ,i uninstall all extesions,turn off addblock,even in move very hard.

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Hi @Daryus16,

Welcome to community. I’m sorry to hear that your experience has fallen short. Can you provide any additional context on your post?

When i enter in browser he is loading about 15 seconds and main page is when i restart the browser he is moving more slowly.What can i do?

Even microsoft edge is moving faster.I try to disable addblock but the same.

We’ll need more information regarding your setup in order to further diagnose the issue. For example:

  • Are you using Windows 7 or Windows 10?
  • Are you using the latest Brave release (v0.66.100 at the time of writing this)?
  • Do you have any extensions installed?
  • Are you connecting through a VPN of any kind?

yes since the last update mine is moving slower than chrome now

I have windows 10 home,no i don’t have any extensions ,i have latest version of brave and i never use vpn on brave . Now its moving so slow it even chrome beat brave.

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