Browser become laggy when watching stream or videos of specific Twitch streamer

When trying to watch livestream or even recorded videos of Twitch streamer Quin69 (don’t judge me), browser and video becomes very laggy.

Other streams works fine on Brave. Everything (including the above) works fine on other browsers like Firefox and Edge.

Tested on latest Brave Beta and Nigtly x64 on Windows 11 x64 (Ryzen 3700x and Geforce 2070S with v516.59 drivers)

Things I’ve done and noticed:

  1. Tested on clean profiles, didn’t help
  2. Tried disabling Hardware Acceleration in Brave, didn’t help
  3. Disabled all of the extensions, didn’t help
  4. When problematic video is playing, browsers lags to the point I can’t open extensions from browser taskbar
  5. When I open video statistics from advanced playback settings in Twitch player, I see huge amount of dropped frames.

Not sure if it’s just me or something broke, it was fine some time ago.

I have the same issue on a vanilla Surface Pro 7 (Intel GPU).

Works in Edge or Chrome, just issues with Brave.

Hey sorry for the delay here @xMarcus, is this still an issue? @geofox is this for the same twitch streamer or different ones? Thank you.

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