Bring back the download shelf as an option

I was a big fan of the download shelf (showing downloads down the bottom of the window), i like how i could easily keep an eye on what’s downloading, how quick and time remaining.
And click to open once done, then when i didn’t need the shelf close it off.

Chomium has now removed it completely, in favour of the “download bubble” the little pop out window in the top corner.
I personally don’t find this as intuitive for my personal workflow i had gotten used too.

I know its not going to be a high priority, and many likely don’t care about the change, but personally i dislike the change, and don’t like how chromium has removed my ability to choose.

Have you checked in ‘download’ flags?

Hello, I also like very much the download shelf, but it has been removed from the latest version of chromium, I don’t know if Brave will add their own feature to replace it, but here is a workaround to keep it (I’m aware it’s not the best workaround, but as this feature may be super usefull in some situation, it may worth) :

I’m using windows 64bits , so here is what I did :

  • Close brave (and be sure not to have the help / about page opened)
  • Uninstall brave and keep your navigation data
  • Download this version : ( got o assets on the bottom and download the standalone version setup)
  • DO NOT install it yet
  • open a command line as administrator and run (it will preven brave from checking update automatically) :
    REG.EXE ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\BraveSoftware\UpdateDev" /v LastCheckPeriodSec /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
  • Install the downloaded brave with the standalone setup and when it run it, accept to have a shortcut in the taskbar if you wish.
  • Close brave and be sure there is no other brave.exe process running in background, disable brave from running automatically when windows starts if required
  • Right clic the shortcut you use to start brave, select properties
  • add this to the command line : --disable-features=DownloadBubble (for example the full command line can be :
    "C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe" --disable-features=DownloadBubble

Click OK to save and close the properties windows.

Open brave with this shortcut, download a file, and the download shelf will be back.
Note : do not open the about / help page, it will download the latest version and update.

this is a workaround you can use while a new feature is released or new browser with a convenient download manager is created.

I have and have not seen any specific to this feature, until the last update, i was using a target command to disable the download bubble, that worked for a good while, but the switch appears to be removed as an option, and now baked in and the shelf removed.

That target command is how i kept using it up til now, i don’t really want to downgrade my brave version, just hoping they may see this and take pity and add it back, or maybe one of the team dislikes the change too and wants it back themselves.

You are not alone… I absolutely detest that bubble but don’t want to go to an old version of Brave as there will be missing security patches.

I love Brave but this WOULD make me go to something else.

Could someone make an extension that puts it back to sane options?