The Downloads pop-up needs to be made OPTIONAL

I posted about this back on January 25th of 2021. The Downloads pop-up needs to be made OPTIONAL! I am trying to use Brave, but having to close that danged pop-up window every time I download something is truly annoying and makes me want to stop using Brave. And the pop-up takes up valuable screen real estate. Come on, guys, you’ve got a good browser. Make it much, much better! Make the Downloads pop-up OPTIONAL! How hard will that be, really? And maybe try to do it soon? It’s been 8 months since my previous post about this.

Version 1.28.105 Chromium: 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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I agree, it is annoying and gigantic. I really like how Firefox handles Downloads.

All that aside, 1.29.x (due out on Aug 31) will reduce the vertical size of it somewhat.

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Reduce the vertical size somewhat? Not sufficient. That pop-up should be optional. I don’t want to see a pop-up of any size every time I download something (which is often). Each time I have to click to make the pop-up disappear. This is a waste of my time and attention. If Brave can’t do better, I’ll just stop using it.

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It is hard for me to believe that this Downloads pop-up doesn’t annoy more people. Having to click it each time a download is made wastes time and effort. Is it difficult to make this thing optional? Hello, Brave browser developers?!

Well, a lot of this stuff comes from Chromium, from better or for worse. I’ve no doubt the Brave devs have their hands full with privacy and crypto work, a lot of this UI stuff just gets ‘inherited.’

You could always file something with Chromium as well and see if you get any traction upstream.

And did you submit an issue to the Brave GitHub repo? Might be the best path to getting a response from the devs. And contributing a PR is always an option if you’ve got the devel chops for it (I don’t).

Thanks, JimB1. This is the only place I have posted about this. Frankly, I don’t understand how good software developers haven’t long ago realized that the Downloads pop-up needs to be optional. It makes me wonder whether they’re actually using the Brave browser (or Chrome, if that browser has the same problem). If they’re not using Brave, naturally the pop-up doesn’t bother them. Anyway, I’m well on my way to abandoning the Brave browser now. Clicking that damned Downloads pop-up is wearing me out!

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Can’t something be put at the top maybe next to the Brave logo which indicates a download is taking place like Firefox and Edge do


Anything like that would be great. But it seems that the Brave browser developers are not listening…

Well, Brave browser updated today. No change in the behavior of the Downloads pop-up. It still cannot be turned off.

Bye-bye, Brave browser. I won’t use it, and I won’t recommend it.

Well, as I said, the existing effort was to reduce it – not eliminate it.

If that’s the most important thing to you (beyond the privacy protections and other features) then I guess you are making the right choice for you. Maybe check it out again in a year and see if your concern has been addressed I guess. Best of luck.

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It is for now, JimB1. Thanks for commenting, though. We’ll see what the future brings. All the best to you!

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