Bring back brave://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu

now i installed the last brave to test pip of previous post and brave://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu is not available at all, like i thought and reported before
here or Suggestions: backup all chrome based browser dmg/pkg now, before they are gone! : brave_browser ( or or other…

brave devs, please read chromium post. if the reason is not clear enough, i can show you exactly all problems with a remote session. issue start especially if you are a really pro user, and not an average user (since those user don’t see any difference if they have just 20 extensions, 1-2 user, 1-2 mac, 1-2 profile and maybe they use only 1 brave, not 4)

other reasons are available here too

and please make at least a chrome://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu compatible version with apple cpu, before you delete such thing (otherwise we cannot use old brave version on future macs with apple cpu, once rosetta is removed). you can even delete it (like edge did) BUT KEEP the box 10-12X20-50+ extensions ACTIVE!!

Other links here

PS: library copy - keep extension/setting problem

Alcune impostazioni sono state reimpostate

Brave ha rilevato che alcune impostazioni sono state danneggiate da un altro programma e le ha ripristinate con i valori originali predefiniti. Ulteriori informazioni

is still not fixed

1 Like new link, or webarchive version because is hidden by github without any reason… still waiting for their answer

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A partial solution is now available thanks to @bsclifton

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I really wish I had the ability to use this flag again. I do not like the extensions toolbar menu, I never have. The second it appeared I used the flag to get rid of it.

Now several months later, there is no flag and I cannot get rid of it. I only use 4 extensions and it serves no practical purpose for me. If you don’t want to make the flag available, at the very least please give us a setting to turn it off, or a settings to say the max number we want visible, or if all of them are visible (non-unpinned), don’t show the ugly space hogging puzzle piece.

The same goes for the media controls, please keep the flag for that one as well.

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Has there been any update on this from devs?

The new jigsaw extension bar design is a total disaster for power users. In Brave’s case that is probably a substantial part of the user base.

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Another vote for extensions-toolbar-menu flag

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It is very infuriating not to be able to use many flags. I simply do not like the aesthetic of the plugin.