Bring back enable Extension Toolbar Menu Button option

One thing enjoyed by the users of chromium-based browsers over the years was the ability to organise your extensions on the toolbar, with those not visible being thrown in the browser menu, with quick access via a click of the extension icon. With the latest updates to the framework, it seems the option to access the //flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu and enable or disable it is no more.

I find this disadvantageous to the users of multiple extensions, where dependent on screen size only a select few can be displayed at once or resizing your browser screen puts some of these features out of focus.

The old way gave me as an end-user much more power over how things were organised. My preference and system being the essential extensions first and then remainder in alphabetical order.

If this were a universal issue across all chromium-based browsers, I’d certainly be spreading this argument far and wide. But, it seems that Microsoft Edge is honouring the original way of doing things, without the annoying (personal opinion) jigsaw icon to access a scrollable list of extensions.

Can the amazing developers at Brave apply this fix, and win over those of us craving this feature whilst still satisfying them that might (for some strange reason) like it.

For references on this (if needed), albeit these suggestion aren’t working: