Extensions button Flags parameter gone?

Someone posted that you can turn the silly jigsaw extensions button in toolbar off by using brave://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu but this flag doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Was this removed or something? Or am I missing something? Also I can’t seem to find any flags for “Other bookmarks” in Brave’s toolbar.

I used to hate Mozilla for doing dumb forced interface changes, but they actually improved in that regard and actually give users choice. Brave on the other hand just got worse. Bunch of annoying features that are force on user, like this dumb jigsaw extension button or Other bookmarks or closing last tab that closes entire browser. Why can’t all this be optional and user controllable? Just when Brave finally got cookie lists and my country specific list in AdBlocker which made me trim down number of extensions needed to just 3 and then they pull this annoying nonsense. I don’t care if it remains as a “Flags” setting for all this, for as long as it’s at least there…

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