Brave has removed menu shortcut to Extension keyboard shortcuts menu. Give it back

Brave has removed menu shortcut to Extension keyboard shortcuts menu. Give it back.

This is essential for my use of the browser. I stuck with Brave because of Brave Shields, but I need keyboard shortcut interaction with my extensions to keep working in Brave. After last update Version 0.63.48 Chromium: 74.0.3729.108 (Official Build) (64-bit) this menu shortcut is gone, replaced by a rather irritating new pink menu strip at the top.

Please return the keyboard shortcut menu.

For reference, just add back a button that points here: chrome://extensions/shortcuts


In distress over losing the best browser in the market…


I agree. Also essential for me.

For anyone else looking at this post, you can reach the shortcuts page here:



Coincidentally, I was just trying to make a post suggesting they add keyboard shortcuts to bookmarks, when I found out that shortcuts for extensions were gone. Really frustrating. Along with, indeed, the pink bar.

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On Mac they are still working on Brave Developer, so I miss them DAILY when i come back in the office where they impose the use of the WC (W-indoz C-computer)

Only on Mac (and i hope they will NOT ban them there as well! :wink: )

Same for me: need shortcuts for some extensions and now I just have to find how to do it by typing address in the address bar, no UI to open…

Hi I just discovered the Brave Computer version and I must say that I am rather conquered, it quickly surprised me and I finally found everything that Opera my removed can be used FVD Speed Dial as home page by default, thank you Brave :slight_smile:

However just like the author of this post I find the chemn to access the extensions long and tiring, even if we do not spend this life on this part the path is unpleasant and access to the extensions from the menu would be much more enjoyable. 'user.

Hello everyone!
Perhaps I’m confused – is the claim here that setting a shortcut in brave://extensions/shortcuts does not work? Testing on my end, I’m able to set keyboard shortcuts for extensions without issue:

Hiya @Mattches !

There is a link to the keyboard shortcuts page on Google Chrome.

Brave lacks that.

That’s what everyone is referring to. Power users can still use the link brave://extensions/shortcuts that you provided but we still need a UI element for it.

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Thank you for the clarification! Much appreciated.
Now that I understand the situation, it looks like this already has been logged already:

I’ve added your reports to the thread as +1’s on your behalf.


Hi all, hope everyone is healthy!

There is still no other way to access the extension-shortcuts-page than to know the link to reach out: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

This issue is so easy to fix by adding the link to the extensions page.

This was driving me nuts today, because I’ve added a useful “pin-tab” extension and was unable to have a look at the extensions shortcuts. The option is also grayed-out on the extensions menu (only in Brave - not in Chrome) so I found the link to use in Brave only by using Chrome.

Now a few images:

Brave extensions view - shortcuts grayed-out

Chrome extensions view - shortcuts reachable

The menu one needs to view and setup a shortcut

Yes, this is a seven months old post and it’s strange that this isn’t fixed by now.

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Thanks for reaching out – actually, this issue has been fixed! We’ve included a link to the keyboard shortcuts page under Settings --> Extensions and the fix is moving down the pipeline and currently sitting in Beta build.

You should see the shortcut menu option appear in Brave release build in the next browser update (1.7x):

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oh, that’s strange. I would never look up that link within the settings- but always on the extensions-page where it belongs to, imho.

Thanks for the answer. Stay healthy!