Brave will not run

I can’t get BraveUpdate.exe to run on my computer.

I was able to download it. But when I go to run the program, I keep getting the following message when I go to Norton to disable the firewall, I get the following error message: C:\program files\Norton Internet Security\Engine\\uistub.exe and below “Unable to connect to internet. If you use a firewall please white list BraveUpdate.exe”. that it says “unspecified error”.

I am using the correct version for windows 7 professional (32 bit), but it will not do anything. When I go to open braveUpdate.exe, I keep getting “Unable to connect to internet. If you use a firewall please white list BraveUpdate.exe”. I am connected to the internet and I can do anything else on it, but it keeps saying the same message, even though I AM connected. So frustrating.
I do have the Windows firewall listed as “on”. When I go to control panel\system and security and click on the option "allow a program through windows firewall, the program for braveUodate.exe is not listed, and I can’t browse for it.

Any help is much appreciated! :heartbeat:

Thank you for reaching out to us.
I’m a little confused by your report – you say

:point_up: Are you saying that when you run the updater, Norton AV opens and displays this message or does the updater display it?

I would recommend going into Norton security settings and white listing Brave there directly. The app must be whitelisted at some point so that Brave can auto update without being flagged.
That said, in the mean time, you can at the very least get your browser up to date for the time being by downloading the standalone installer – where the package comes with all files needed to install without having to fetch them online.

You can download the standalone installer here – for Windows 7 32bit, you’re probably looking for this one:

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