Issue installing brave browser, no internet conection?

I execute the .exe for windows x64 that is right now in the oficcial brave web, when it executes i have the next answer :

In english it says something like: “we cant connect to internet, if u use a firewall, include at brave in white list”

Right now, i add brave to white list but problem persists
Expected result:
A normal installation :'c

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

Some installation programs are just “stubs”, and need to access the internet to get the full program.

  1. All releases including beta and nightly:
  2. Last stable ver with pre-compiled binaries is v1.19.88. Grab one of the zip files for Windows.
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im gonna try 1.19.88

Installation sucessfull!, just another one. How i update brave browser, when i try for check updates i have this error

The updates come over the internet connection. If you don’t have internet on when you do the update, the update will not work. Sorry I do not read Spanish.

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sorry, it says “There is a error at checking updates: Cant connect to internet. if u use firewall, get brave into whitelist, error code 7: …”

I have internet connection and brave is in white list, but when i check updates its the same error.

Anyways where i can check whats the last tag of version stable in github o:

The link to the last stable version is here:

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