I installed the stand-alone brave v1.0.0 but I want the latest release

Description of the issue: I struggled against the BraveBrowserSetup32.exe problem where it said it cant connect to the internet. So I found the question regarding that, and installed BraveBrowserStandAloneSetUp32.exe and ran it. Brave browser got installed but it said [Version 1.0.0 Chromium: 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (32-bit)]. I also tried the browser built in updater, it said “An error occurred while checking for updates: Unable to connect to the Internet. If you use a firewall, please whitelist BraveUpdate.exe. (error code 7: 0x80072EFD – system level).”. I check my firewall whitelist and only the word Brave shows up, not BraveUpdate.exe, it is allowed of course. So, how do I get the latest version?

Im currently using Windows 8.1

Are you using 32bits Windows?

Uninstall Brave from your computer and download and install either

Full installer - Brave Browser Windows - 32bits


Full installer - Brave Browser Windows - 64bits

Don’t use the ones that don’t say “standalone” if not they are online and they can cause problems, just use the Standalone ones that have the full thing and don’t need to download anything.

But install first your old version, that thing is who knows from what 1800 year.

But one further question. I went to the browser built-in updater and it has the same problem I described, cannot connect to Internet. So, in the future, how may I update it? Thanks

Thank you so much for the help. The old post regarding this issue by aa-ron only gave the v1.0.0 of it, other than that I have no clue at all. Appreciate it.

What firewall are you using?
I use a 3rd party firewall and it works no problems here, of course the one I use is advanced but has really amazing features not found in many firewalls.
Windows by default doesn’t block outgoing connections, so it is weird you are having problems with that.

But you probably have to whitelist the Brave updater, I think it is in program files (x86). I am not sure because I installed Brave without admin rights so it doesn’t install Windows services or put Brave or the updater in Program Files.

But it should be working unless it is blocked then it displays that text.

The version of my updater is 1.3.361.135 in case you can find it and check it against mine. I use Nightly though. But I am not sure if the updater got uninstalled correctly on your side because sometimes it needs a restart to automatically do it and then it causes problems if it wasn’t updated correctly by the Brave Browser installer.

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