Brave was great, now it's terrible

I’ve been using Brave for years now on desktop, iPad and phone, but it’s so bad lately I’m considering going back to Chrome (ugh).

Desktop doesn’t open random sites correctly (just logged into and page is blank).

iPad and iPhone don’t autofill passwords anymore…typing complex passwords from Keychain into forms on phone is really annoying.

Sync is a complete joke.

Open to suggestions, but every update just makes the browser worse and worse.


Having exactly the same problem. Two completely different computers in two completely different locations. Have the computers synced together is the only thing the same about them. Multiple times a day I open new tabs and the tab is either blank or half loads. I am constantly having to hit the reload button. I love this browser but no where can I find the reason for this problem.


@ChrisCO @CarManTN,
If you’re having issues with the browser, please post them here on Community, provide all the information requested in the editor and we’ll be happy to assist you with them.

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Let me jump in real quick…

Im unable to have issues as - for me - the only issue so far is, that Im unable to even open Brave…


I have no idea about iPad, but password autofill ( in Brave ) has never been fully working on iPhone…

Also +1

This site is Terrible. I am cancelling it and warning my friends that there is no help from Brave. My BAT never goes to my wallet, Brave stop giving me Bat Rewards. It is just frozen. There is nobody running this program it relies on other users to try to help the lost.

This totally SUCKS, I can see the number of users dropping this app because all the effort is spent on signing users up but then they are abandoned


@Johngould439 this is your very first post on the site. I’m not sure what you’re referencing in terms of not getting support. Please see my reply to your other post here if you would like help investigating your issue - Wiped out my BAT rewards like it never existed. This site SUCKS, No help, nobody here to help you. What happens if there is something Serious. I help but to inform everyone how you get ripped off by Brave - #5 by steeven.

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May be as you say, but what this has to do with the topic? First posters arent allowed their opinions or what?

Emphasis mine.
I wholeheartedly agree.

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If you guys only use Brave for the BAT, then you don’t understand Brave at all.


As I stated previously, if you’re having issues with the browser or BAT or Rewards or whatever, we encourage you to open a thread on this site and provide as much information surrounding your issue as possible so that we can help.


The issue is not that he should have an opinion, it’s that he’s claiming to have these issues but never actually requested any help. We cannot help users who don’t provide any details about their issues.

Our support staff (and team staff in general) is quite small compared to the large volume of users/support requests we get. We do our best to answer and assist as many as we can on top of doing the myriad of other work required of us behind the scenes.

The best way to get help with your issues (here or anywhere) is to first, ask for it, and second, clearly explain the issue. Nether of which were done by OP or @Johngould439.


Emphasize mine.
He claims to have issues… and what? Again: this is what forums are for, arent they? He stated the fact, he was not requesting help ( not that he would get adequate help )…

If so, why not hire more people / employees?

Maybe because they didnt come here for help? They wanted to be able to present their cases…

And not to mention that display of ads can stop working any time: No payout, no ads, next payment in October?

In that case, feel free to use this thread to lodge complaints and I will pass the feedback to the team.

If anyone here wants to try and find solutions to this complaints, open a thread and we’ll be happy to help.


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We’re all free and we did used everyone the separate thread but no fixes in return. Where is the help?

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I received just 10% of my September month bat, I didn’t receive my october month BAT. Sent a DM to @steeven and @SaltyBanana with my Wallet ID and event logs. None of them are replying. The thread which I created was closed by @SaltyBanana without even solving the issue. What is the point of this community when you don’t address the issue? @Mattches


Hi @crazy_bee, thanks for reaching out.

We are working through several reports at the moment, it might take some time before we get to your issue.
Hang tight until someone from Brave Support reaches out.

Thanks :smiley:

Nowhere my friend, nowhere…

really? where is dashboard of this? as Brave is OSS, so should be workplan.

How long?