Brave is becoming worst day by day

I have been facing so many issues recently in Brave browser and even the support team is not responding for the queries.

  1. Brave rewards are not at all credited to my account.
    It’s been more than 6 months the rewards are pending and not credited to my account.
    My default and only browser is Brave and a minimum of 3-4 hours I am using Brave everyday.

  2. Even in Mac the browser froze many times and not at all responding,

  3. Even after I enabled “Offer to translate the pages which are not in my system language”, Brave is not offering me any translations if the website is in different language.

  4. Some sites are not working properly in Brave and I am forced to switch to Safari occasionally.

  5. Support Team is not at all responding.

I will remove this thread if u contact me via DM to resolve all my queries.


have you been only sending DMs to the brave team?

I ask because it seems this is the only post you have created

I help with webcompat, I would need some examples here, I have an m1 mac laptop I can test with.

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Hi John,

Does Individual message count as posts? I hope its not thats why its not showing.

The best example just now I faced in Youtube.

I opened a video in another tab.
Upon navigating to that tab, it froze for few secs and not responding if I press the “T” button to make it as theatre mode.
After some secs, the page behaved normally.

I would test in a private window mode, no extensions enabled and test youtube.
and/or Create a new profile, and test youtube from a new Brave profile.

And one thing if someone is reading this from Brave official support.

No one is talking about rewards. Seriously guys, I m using Brave as my default browser for more than 1 year in my Mac and Android mobile.
I have been seeing other reddit users and blogs that they are getting more than 5$+ worth of BAT on a monthly basis.

But u know my overall BAT has not crossed even a single Dollar until last month. I am really not understanding how the reward system works.

Using for more than a year and almost 3+ hours everyday but still my overall holdings not crossing a penny is really disheartening.
But still I continue to use this browser because when compare to others this is relatively better, but not a smooth journey though.

Note to Brave developers.

Next Bug:

Banking websites are frozen and its really really difficult to do netbanking.
Just for clicking one button it take 5secs time and then clicks the button.

Tried citibank, Standard chatered bank.
Though mobile banking is preferred choice, some of the facilities are available only on desktop version and during that time, Brave is ditching me.
Again Safari/opera is the saviour.

Check and resolve this bug. Will post again if i find any more issues in any of the websites.

I’m using the latest update of Brave’s browser and deal with issues with it, too. The brave://settings page is not working properly anymore. All of the settings are not shown anymore when I click on “Settings”. Also, there are websites that are not working properly when I use the latest Brave browser version. When I try to buy items on Amazon, I get an error message. It’s clear to me that Brave’s browser developers have made it unusable. So, I’m using another internet browser for now on until Brave’s browser developers fix their errors.

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