Is it safe to import MetaMask to Brave wallet?

Hi. I want to use new Brave wallet.
Could you explain in simple words why importing to Brave wallet my MetaMask data is safe?

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wallets are just a way to interact with the blockchain. Your data is not in Brave wallet, and not in metamask, your assets are stored in the blockchain.

Do you have another concern?

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Well, I was concerned with secret phrases asked by Brave wallet.
Metamask doesn’t ask me them everytime I log in. How can I be sure secret phrases from my Metamask can’t be misused after I put them in Brave wallet?
I might be missing here something

If you’re using the import functionality then you don’t need to enter your seed phrase. If you’re using the Restore wallet functionality then it will ask for your seed phrase.

If you’re setting up a new account then you don’t need your seed phrase. You can pick which thing you want to do.

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