Brave Wallet Password "lost"

I can’t recall having to create a password for my Brave Wallet which I created years ago.
Now trying to access it, Brave wants my seed (which I have, and enter correctly no problem), then it requires a password (which I don’t have). Any help greatly appreciated.

I should clarify. When restoring my wallet, I am asked to enter a new password, which I do. Then when connecting the wallet I am asked to enter a password to unlock it. I then enter the new password and then when I Unlock, I get an “incorrect password” error.

@lesxa Sorry your topic went unanswered for the past month. Sometimes things just skip right past us. This especially happens when you don’t get topics into a category and lack info. You can see more about that at FAQ portion on Creating Topics

Anyway, let me see if I can understand everything.

  • You click on the Wallet icon image and choose Restore.

  • You enter your seed phrase, and choose a password, and click on Restore once more.

  • It should then open your portfolio.

  • You close out of everything and try to return the next day or whatever, on the same device and browser profile

  • You click the Wallet icon image and type in your password on this page:

  • It shows that it’s incorrect?


And you’re sure you are putting in the password you used when you reset Wallet? Being mindful of Caps Lock and anything that you might be doing to change keyboard? Mindful of spaces and all too?

Sorry if I’m just repeating a lot, but just wanting to confirm the steps and make sure nothing being skipped/lost here. I just tend to rehash things and try not to assume or take things for granted.

Lastly, can you share:

  • Which version of Brave you’re using. (exact version please, don’t just say “the latest”)

  • Which OS you’re trying to access on? (Such as Windows 11, Android 13, etc)

Hi Stephen,

I follow the first two steps - entering my seed phrase and (new) password twice, click Restore …

and then … my portfolio doesn’t open, I get:

I then enter my password and get …

… Incorrect password error!

I am using
Version 1.59.120 Chromium: 118.0.5993.88 (Official Build) (arm64)
on Mac OS Sonoma Version 14.0 (23A344

Any help much appreciated.


I’m going to tag @Mattches and @Evan123 in hopes that they can perhaps help figure out what might be happening

Hi guys,
Any further comments or assistance gratefully accepted.

@steeven @Mattches got missed in October. Can you follow up.

@lesxa still same issue? You updated Brave since when you shared version number? Just want to make sure on 1.61.101 or what you’re on

Hello! Could you update to the latest version as suggested by Saoiray above?

Have you tried to creating a fresh wallet? If so, do you see the same issue?


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