Crypto Wallet - Brave


Yesterday I installed Brave web browser and created account through Then I’ve created a password for the brave crypto walled without setting up a 24 word seed password.
Today when I try to log in again to the brave crypto walled I’ve created, it says that password is incorrect. I am absolutely confident that the password is NOT wrong. Also there is no way to reset this password.

Do you know what is happening and how can I access it or create another wallet(I don’t see this option)?

Thank you!

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Hi !

I’m not english, what is a 24 word seed password ?
Did you have the recovery file "brave_wallet_recovery.txt ?

If you have it, you can restore your crypto wallet in a new account.

Solved. Just needed to close entire browser and open it again.

24 word seed password:


Ok, nice !

So I was speaking about this 24 word seed without knowing it.