Lost my password for crypto wallet

Hello there somehow I forgot my password for the crypto wallet and lost my seed phrases, I know that we cant recover, and luckily that wallet didn’t have funds too but the main question is can I delete that wallet and create a new one?

Hey mrb3a57,

Can you just elaborate what you mean for me when you say your crypto wallet? I’d just like to make sure of what your issue is before I continue.

i created a wallet from the settings menu now i lost my password for it and is there any way that i can create another one?

and one more thing is it secure to add my funds in it or shall i wait for some more time?

I don’t think there is any way to recover it without the Phrase Key.

And yes it is safe to deposit in it but before doing something like that, keep your Phrase Key safe.
I don’t think you can get this one back so you have to create a new account tho.

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Yeah, there’s no way for us to recover it for you. The best I can suggest is uninstalling and reinstalling it, which should completely reset Brave.

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