I can't access to my brave wallet

Brave version : 1.48.171

issue :
this says “enter password to unlock wallet” can’t even guess because I’ve never set up my brave wallet password therefore I can’t restore cause didn’t set up the recovery phrase :frowning:

If you don’t have any assets in it, you can just reset it.

I have tiny assets in there. is reset only way to solve this? T_T i mean if it’s the only way I’ll reset it

@hub anything can you please assist? Thanks!

If you created a Wallet, you would have had no choice but to create a password. Otherwise your Wallet wouldn’t exist yet.

Which if true, means you set your password and used Wallet before. So should know your password.

Recovery phrase would have been given to you when you created Wallet. It would have also emphasized how important it is and for you to save it somewhere.

Honestly, if you didn’t save your recovery phrase and don’t know your password, then you’re out of luck. Brave has no way to get it. Wallet is self custody, meaning Brave can’t access it or your funds. Only you have that option. If you lose the “keys” to your Wallet then it’s permanently locked.

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Maybe Brave could offer/force users to watch a short workshop about blockchain before creating a wallet. Several cefi and defi entities do.

I have seen so many similar questions like this one in this forum.
How can someone jump into crypto and create a wallet without even knowing what a recovery phrase is?

Money is valuable. It cost us a lot to get it. I believe it is an essential aspect to learn how something works before putting our own money in it.

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