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I have the Wallet icon brave but I don’t know how I can restore it from scratch because when I updated the browser automatically the Emma icon appeared I can not do anything else that says reset and put a password but i don’t know which password and i don’t know which seed i should put?

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@manuelsteen did you ever use Brave Wallet to begin with? That is the one where you’d have to use money to buy/store cryptocurrency or have had someone send crypto to your wallet. I’m asking as a lot of people confuse what you’re seeing to be part of Brave Rewards, but they are completely separate.

IF you’ve never actually purchased or stored cryptocurrency in Brave Wallet and have forgotten the password you set for it, then you can feel safe in just doing a Reset for it. To do that you go to brave://settings/wallet and then select Reset Brave Wallet on the bottom. When you go to reset, it will give the following warning:

Are you sure you want to reset your wallet? If your wallet is not backed up, resetting will cause you to lose all account data (including any associated funds). Type “Yes” to confirm.

You’ll follow instructions and it will reset. At that point you’ll create a new password and it will give you your seed phrase. Make sure you save that seed phrase because if you lose it, you’re screwed. There’s no server side backup or anything for it and it will be the only “key” to your wallet. If lost, you’ll be locked out forever with no way people can help.

That said, if you don’t have any intent to buy/sell/trade using Brave Wallet then I wouldn’t worry about it. You CAN NOT receive Brave Rewards on your Brave Wallet, meaning all BAT earned from ads have to go elsewhere and can’t pay to Wallet. You could transfer from Gemini or Uphold to Brave Wallet, but the money you’d have to pay to do so wouldn’t be worth it.

I would like to remove the wallet brave because I have metamask. how you do it?

Brave Wallet just exists as part of the browser. You don’t remove it. You just wouldn’t use it is all.

That said, you can go to brave://settings/wallet to remove the icon from the browser and you can change the Default cryptocurrency wallet where you can switch it to prefer extensions, which would be Metamask I do believe.

Question but if I wanted to bring my good browser to another computer having all my favorites and my passwords what should I do?

You can use Brave Sync for that:

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