Brave Wallet Password not working

So I just created a password for brave wallet and it says the password is not correct, but I know that it is. Also, when I did the seed phrase, it did not let me continue. I dragged all words and it didnt do anything. That was when I decided to refresh the page and it prompted me to login. Please help. I have the words down, but no where to put them in.

Pretty much same thing is happening to me. I could not see all those circled seed phrase words on the screen; there was no way to scroll down to them so I could not even put them in. I went to try to adjust the screen and the page then prompted me for the password and its been worthless ever since. I want this crap off my computer. I put in the password and it says incorrect and I put in that long phrase as well and it says incorrect password. this system is not working. I see many people with these problems. I checked on this last night when it happened to me and people were lining up with the same problems. I can not figure how to get this wallet off my computer so I can something that WORKS installed as a wallet. I don’t know about ripping Brave out of my computer but that may be what I do, just get rid of it.

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