Brave Wallet Mobile Improvements

  1. Allow Users to change secondary network RPC URL
  • Binance Smart Chain is already pre-added to Brave Wallet but the default RPC is very slow and laggy.

Would be nice if there were any way to change a Secondary Network’s RPC URL.

  1. Transfer funds to another account in Wallet
  • Just like MetaMask, to avoid threats from copying and pasting wallet addresses.
  1. Use fiat values when transferring funds
  • Makes transferring a lot easier as well.

For PC:

  1. Transactions always get an error when they’re stacked (Sometimes Brave Wallet doesn’t even prompt). Would be nice if you could stack numerous transactions just like with MetaMask.

Hi there,

In terms of the alternative rpc url selection, we have an issue being tracked here. It will be planned to be integrated in future releases.

Thank you for your feedback!

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That’s great! Hope it gets integrated ASAP so I can fully migrate to Brave Wallet on mobile :sweat_smile:

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