Bug in Mobile Wallet

I did not have time to try this that was indicated to me on that occasion, but now I am willing.

Anyone know of a ropsten faucet?


ok, apparently the mobile swap function is only available on Mainnet…

But, then, is there any news regarding the problem reported at that time?

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hi @ismael.rocha.brav

You are correct. Brave Wallet only support swaps on Ethereum mainnet.

What else can I help you with ?




Hi how are you? I had a problem with the mobile version wallet a few weeks ago, more precisely with the exchange function integrated in the brave wallet: when trying to do a swap on mainnet, it asked me again and again to approve the spending of the token, I did it more than once, but never moved forward to swap, ultimately spent gas on pointless tx
I had mentioned it before in another post, you can see it here: Wallet Mobile Bug
I was not really convinced by the answer they gave me, suggesting to try on the testnet, I think that is the task of the development team, not the users. But anyway I would like to know if they have taken my complaint, if they have been working on this bug or if they have just ignored me. And in that case, I would like to know what I should do so that this problem is taken care of by the developers and thus improve the brave wallet, which I use a lot on mobile and it is very useful to me. Could you help me on this?
If you need I can send you the corresponding tx so you can see it in detail. That is, ask me what you need to help solve it, I will be attentive to provide any information you need.

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@ismael.rocha.brav After approving the token, you will have to wait for the transaction to be successful before you can try to swap. If you try to swap before the token approval is successful, it will ask again to approve the token, I think.

Was your token token approval transaction successful (you can check on etherscan with your address) and still you are getting the prompt to approve the token again?

“Would be great if you can share the exact steps or preferably images or a gif etc., of the issue.”


Well, I just realized where the problem was: from the mobile app it is not possible to approve infinite spending, but only the exact amount to be exchanged is approved. But the problem was that I wanted to change UBI, which is a token that is distributed by stream to the wallets every second, so every time I put ‘max’ it asked me to approve again. This only happens with some tokens like ubi, that’s why the other users didn’t come up with this issue. In any case, I think it would be necessary for infinite spending to be approved as an option.
Nothing more to say, the mystery is already revealed XD
By the way, I’ll tell you that I’m waiting for them to also enable the swap function on the other networks in the mobile version, wen?


Hi @ismael.rocha.brav , thanks for getting back to us and sharing the details. I would like to address some changes as following:

  • Swap on mainnet only
    We removed the support of swaps on ropsten due to some faucet issues in the end of September and enabled it for Goerli test network so you can try using Goerli test network for swaps brave nightly but currently it is limited to eth or custom assets. It will be released on November 29th though it is available on Brave nightly.

  • Issue with swaps
    We were unable to reproduce the issue and it’s hard to test various currencies so that’s why we were looking for the exact details about the assets, network, etc., for testing. I understand that it takes more time to get the desire support so thanks for your patience and help.

  • Infinite spending
    Thank you so much for sharing your findings with us about the exact issue. It will be really helpful to test and fix the issue. I have logged an issue for this: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/26582 and will update the team as well.
    Thank you for your contribution and help again to improve brave wallet.


I’m having a related issue where, after adding the Polygon Mumbai Testnet as a custom network in the mobile wallet, token spend approval transactions are not able to be confirmed (nothing happens after tapping confirm or cancel, and I have to clear nonces to get the wallet to function again). This is happening on multiple dapps. Polygon mainnet works fine.

Please see attached screenshots.

Testnet not working:

Mainnet works:

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Hey @bchobrut, Thank you for reporting this. I was away for sometime so wasn’t able respond early and since it’s an existing issue so others weren’t able to track/get the updates.

This seems like an iOS specific issue and @StephenHeaps has been looking into this already.
Logged issue: https://github.com/brave/brave-ios/issues/6425

From the logged issue, @StephenHeaps has suggested a workaround that you can try until the issue is fixed:

Workaround: Add the token being approved to Brave Wallet via ‘Edit User Assets’ → ‘Add custom token’ button.

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