Brave Wallet Arbitrum One Help

I recently send ETH to a wallet via Arbitrum One (from Binance to Metamask and then, from Metamask to Brave Wallet), but i can’t see any of those ETH. Can someone help me? i changed the mainnet to Arbitrum One already (via Chainlist)

Can you please make sure that the first RPC URL is (see image)?

Rest assured, if you can see the funds on Arbiscan, they are safe.

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The RPC URL was different (there where like 4).
I already done what you said and worked perfectly, thanks a lot!
Now i just have to figure out how to send it back to binance hahah, have a great day and thanks for the help! Really appreciate it.

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Just for your info, we recently did a fix to prevent such issues from happening in future. This is available on the current Nightly version:

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FYI better selection of RPC URLs is live in 1.37.x which was released yesterday.