Multiple RPC URLs in Network configuration?

I noticed that Brave Wallet, unlike Metamask, allows multiple RPC URLs (as well as block explorers) to be set for each network, and I have some questions about this

If I set multiple RPC URLs for a certain chain, how and in what order will they be used? Are alternative URLs used as failover (in case the first server doesn’t respond)? Or will there be a way to choose a particular RPC for a given network somewhere in the UI eventually (for some chains, alternative RPC endpoints do exist, such as Pokt Network, which may be preferable in some cases).

Why, when clicking the + button, is the new URL added at the top of the list, not the bottom? Is there any way to re-order them except via manual copy & paste?

What is the point of setting up multiple block explorer URLs? Only the first appears to be used?

What is the use of the Icon URLs (no such thing exists in Metamask)?

Hey @cmdrkeen,

We currently have an open issue here for adding needed UI to select RPC URL’s.

Currently we are use the first URL in the list, same thing for Block Explorer URL’s but UI will be updated over time to allow selecting each one.

For Icon URL’s, we plan on using them to allow a user to set the Icon for a custom network which will be displayed in the Wallet UI.
Here is an open issue for that one as well! :slight_smile:

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FYI this is working now as of the start of this month on our Release channel 1.36.x