Brave Wallet is blocking metamask from loading

Since I am not registering with uphold I would prefer not to use the brave wallet. Is there anywhere to block it from loading? It’s blocking metamask.

Metamask is working fine with Brave Rewards enabled ( note Metamask cannot be used with Brave Rewards directly)…

Do you have other extensions that could be conflicting with Metamask Web 3 wallet?

Off the top of my head, you may need to disable Brave Rewards for the Brave Wallet not to be active? Unless there’s a flag that can be set in say developer/debug mode.

thanks for your reply. I do have quite a few extensions like tronlink but the majority have nothing to do with crypto wallets.

In fact I already tried to disable brave rewards but it seems to be ignoring it as it pops up in the browser header each time.

It’s probably not feasible but you could use process of elimination and disable/uninstall one Extension at a time (excluding Metamask) and see it that fixes the issue.

Or the next suggestion would be to disable, uninstall all other Extensions (again excluding Metamask) and see if that fixes things?

I’ve been using Metamask on Windows and Linux OS with Brave Rewards enabled without issues since May 2020.

Seems like I will just let this go on until I can’t handle chrome anymore. I love Brave but this is a very messy issue and the security of my tokens are at stake.

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