How to buy BAT with low or no fee in Brave wallet

The normal purchase process is expensive. How to buy BAT with low or no fee in Brave wallet?


For example now;

if I purchase 10 BAT in my brave wallet

it cost me
transaction fee = 5 dollars
network fee = 17.51 dollars

The fees are very expensive. How to buy BAT with low fee?

thank you


@jerome3 You could try coinbase exchange


Thank you. I am a little new.
How can I use “coinbase exchange” to buy BAT in my brave wallet?


Very Expensive any transaction

No one will use this wallet with those fees

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Indeed. My brave wallet fees to purchase BAT are very high.

Can anyone try it to see if you have the same high fees?

Is it the real price to pay using Brave wallet? Maybe I am doing something wrong when trying to purchase BAT.

Or possibly, I don’t know how to use to purchase BAT with my brave wallet?

@jerome3 buy your bat on coinbase and sent it to your brave wallet

for me the transaction & network fee totals around 30$!! Sheesh :exploding_head:

Thank you,

I will then buy it in coinbase and sent it to my brave wallet.

But I am wondering, how BRAVE will survive with their very high transaction fees?

Why will someone buy and sell with BRAVE wallet with this these very high fee?

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