When will the new Brave Browser with firewall and VPN be available to Android and PC?

The current PC version of Brave Browser does not have one, though I still am wishing for one soon.


Very very soon – not sure if I am allowed to tell you exactly when but it’s probably much closer than you think :slight_smile:


Developers are actively working on introducing VPN on desktop and Android. You can track their progress in the Github ticket below:

Android is also mentioned in the ticket.


It will be a very important update

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Brave development team is really fast,Telling everyone about brave in my circle :+1::+1:


Hello, just wanted to know if there is any update on the VPN in-build on the browser for desktop; could we possibly expect it anytime soon?

Hi @Jhon_matt2

Progress is going great - we have the feature behind flags in Nightly and Beta, although it’s not public yet (restricted to our development environment). The functionality of the VPN works great on macOS and Windows.

Before we launch on Desktop, we’re wanting to make sure we have cross-platform support. This will mean that if you bought VPN on iOS or Android you can redeem it on Desktop, too. Also, you should be able to do the inverse (buy on Desktop, redeem on mobile).

This link on GitHub could help give some flavor to what’s left:

Not all of these are blockers for launch - but there are a lot of small details that we’re working hard to wrap up. Huge thanks for your patience and thanks for following up to ask about it :slightly_smiling_face: We’re currently estimating a Q3 launch

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