Brave VPN customer support

I am a new Brave VPN subscription user looking for Brave’s customer support. Where is the phone number/chat/email for customer service? Does any of that exist?

You’re at it. You either post here or you create a support ticket over at

No such thing exists. Well, there’s an email but it’s not really open for initial contact. It just is used for when they respond to support tickets.


You can reach specifically the Brave VPN support by clicking on Brave VPN in your toolbar, then click on the gear icon. Lastly, click on contact technical support and it will send us an email so that we can help answer any questions or issues you may have directly.

@Shznakl just for confirmation, that goes to Guardian rather than Brave, right? And it’s for technical support only, not necessarily for payments or anything, right?

Ok, thank you for confirming. So if I need assistance on getting Brave’s VPN and premium account to work on my iOS device, can I add that information here, or do I need to create a new post for that technical support? This is the first time I have ever paid a subscription fee to a company with a community forum customer support structure.

@Gatorman Well, it’s something still figuring out. Typically you have both Brave and Guardian that are helping here and able to answer questions. Anything regarding payment and Premium can be handled via the support ticket I sent.

Then @Shznakl is part of Guardian, which is the people that Brave VPN is handled through. She was sharing that you can contact through the browser by clicking on Brave VPN in the toolbar and then clicking on the Contact Technical Support button. As you can see in my reply to her, I’m trying to confirm that this is handled directly by Guardian at that point. This is all still kind of new, so I can’t say I’m 100%.

To be honest, I’ve been asking Luke to get @GuardianTeam on one of the Community Call to speak more on Brave VPN as I know people have had various questions over time with it. Including more technical issues like changing exit nodes, how it might work with Tor, etc. If that can ever happen, might arm me and others with more knowledge on being able to assist.

In terms of getting support, Brave essentially uses Community as a filter to weed out what are simple issues that can be handled by searching for similar issues or for things that may not need their attention. Then for more specialized issues, people are directed to submit Support Tickets. I actually have a FAQ I wrote and you can check out. One of the things I share there are Support ticket links. There’s a lot of other helpful information if you want to check the rest of it out.

They only have a handful of Support. Pretty much it’s Mattches, Evan123, SaltyBanana, and Steeven who handle all support tickets and topics here. Then you have Users like me who volunteer time to try to help, but we’re not employed by Brave or anything. But with it being just about 4 people trying to juggle everything, they can’t always get to everyone. Hence why the Community settings helps divide things up and try to get the right help to everyone.


Understood. I appreciate the additional context and info.

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Thanks for that information. Does this go to the same ticket support team as the tickets? I tried submitting a ticket to the foregoing site, but so far I get one email per day from the Brave support team (which of course simply isn’t a practical or sufficient level of customer service for a $10/month VPN service). I am really wanting to give this service a chance though before I switch back to my other VPN service, because I like the theory of the technology behind it, when it works.


It is not the same support as the Brave one you listed. This goes directly to Guardian who is equipped to address all Brave VPN issues, but not all browser issues. I am happy to help once we receive a ticket from you there.

@Saoiray that is correct. Emails sent from the contact technical support in the Brave VPN settings goes directly to Guardian for assistance. Both Guardian and Brave are in constant communication to address issues as quickly as possible with the Brave VPN service.


Ok, great. Thank you for the clarification. I will follow up through that support icon you referenced.


We did a Reddit AMA on r/BAT on launch day of the partnership a few years ago but a lot has changed since and we would love to join you again to answer community questions. I was honestly not aware of a community call before so if you have any links that you think would be valuable for us to checkout please send them over!


@tzeejay I’m sending you a DM