Not getting email from Brave regarding vpn subscription?

Im running the Brave browser across many platforms, they way it was intended…

I “subscribed” to the vpn thru the latest browser on linux with the same email that is my Brave account…and it said “check your email and spam”…

I have put in my email address several times and yes I know I have the right email as I basically only use one email…

I have checked my spam, resent the email, tried again and I never get the email from Brave…

I have searched for this problem on google, brave search, and this forum and did not find anything useful…

Any ideas?



@nixfred might be best to create a support ticket at

Thank YOU sir! On my way…

The irony that I IMMEDIATELY got the support ticket opened email…thanks for the help!

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Can you share your ticket number with me here please?

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I never got a ticket from Brave so I’m wondering if it is an -ID10T- error or if the same SMTP gateway outbound for the ticket is somehow having the same problem that the ticket is about…

Its a problem, inside a problem, inside a problem…

I suppose look up by by email pls?

frednix and that gmail place.

Thx a ton!

New to Brave and wondering why it took me so long…


The only verification that I opened the ticket was a standard “thank you” automated email with no ticket #…

"Hello ,

Thank you for contacting Brave Support. We typically respond within a few days, some issues may take longer. We appreciate your patience.
In the meantime please check our Community Forum at and our Help Center at There’s a lot of great resources and an active community looking to help.

Brave Support"

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Yeah, they may not create a ticket number for everything. It’s generally just for Rewards I think. Let me tag in @Mattches in case he can follow-up, otherwise tag in @steeven. Not sure which might be available sooner or able to better assist.

Btw, @nixfred, I also want you to try to confirm for me. You mentioned that you subscribed to the VPN on Linux. Did you ever actually start the subscription or are you still in the midst of trying to do so?

And to clarify, the email you’re not getting is the one they send for you to be able to login to your account, right?

Thanks for the info.
I’ve also somehow missed that you were on Linux — you are aware that VPN is not compatible with Linux at this time (it will be in future releases)?

That being said, you certainly shouldn’t have any issues creating a Premium account in general — not sure why the email isn’t going through. I’ve reached out to a couple team members who can take a look at this for me and see why it might be happening.

Oh wow. I wasn’t aware of this. Thought we had it on all devices now.

Bummer on the linux compatibility… I truly appresh your follow up…

I suppose Ill stick with [XYZ] vpn then…Thanks again brother.

My daily driver is a macos air running Brave so I would like to use it there…still have not gotten any thing from support…any ideas?

Hey @nixfred. As I’m sure you’re aware, it is now Monday. Support is not active over the weekend. You were instructed to submit a ticket on Thursday. So only been like 1-2 business days.

That said, I am going to tag in @steeven and @Mattches. I’m tagging in Steeven because I’m hoping he can check in on this, as we’ve had multiple reports in the last week or two of people not getting emails. And Mattches because he was trying to help you prior to the weekend.

Hi @nixfred, what’s your ticket number?

Hey Steeven…thx!

Thats kinda the problem…Im not getting emails from your organization…for anything…Ive checked SPAM etc…

Something is blocking me from getting emails…

frednix at that gmail place.