Brave vers for iPad mini3, sw ver 12.5.4

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Sad, but literally cant find what Brave ver/where to get it for 12.5.4. Shouldnt be this hard.
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I don’t think you can specifically Download Ver.12.5.4 on iOS, you can only download the latest version.

But it is possible in Android with the help of Apks, which can’t be downloaded on iOS properly.

Well, after an hour of trying to find a way between the Brave site, and Apple’s crappy app store - I’d agree. When I accessed the app in Apples store, it says must have iOS 13, but in the specs it says it will work on my iPad. Wont load.

Suggest to update this page. Indicates that the min sw ver for iOS is 12.

Thanks for your quick reply.

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Glad I could help, surely you can just update it to iOS 13 and download then :slight_smile:

iPad mini 3 - last rev avail is 12.5.4, and that was a gift from Apple, feeling sorry for people with older platforms.

Appreciate all your help.

OMG sad to hear that :frowning:

cc @Mattches :point_up:

I went ahead and updated the documentation – with the release of Brave iOS v1.25, iOS 13+ is now required:

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