Brave on iOS 12.5.5. HOW?


The current Brave version for iOS requires iOS 13 (!)
I would like to install it on iOS 12.5.5, which was supposed to be supported until recently. How can I do that ?

Thanks for the help.

12.5.5 is OLD. (iOS 15.1 dropped yesterday)(I love that the device is still working! iphone 4-ish, yes? wow…) If you’d installed brave on that device sooner, this wouldn’t be a problem because you would’ve had the latest for that OS installed and updates would’ve simply stopped.
I’m likely misinformed or gravely mistaken, but my understanding is that the app store will only allow downloads to your device of versions that work with your iOS version, unless it’s so old that they don’t keep it “on file” any longer (which is what I suspect to be the case here)… BUT you may have some luck by trying to install through iTunes on a desktop/laptop. You may not get the feature compatibility with today’s version (sync didn’t work back then) and who knows about BAT (if that’s part of your desire), but the browser will work to browse, mostly probably.

someone from brave who actually knows how to help can tell you better what the deal is, but I’d be prepared for a “You missed the bus and need to upgrade your device” kind of answer unless the iTunes install suggestion works for you

Hi heysoundude,

Thanks for your reply. It si old indeed but my iPad still works very well, and mosts Apps too. So, I like Brave very much, but I will abandon it right now, coming back to Safari (that works).

If I missed their bus, I didn’t miss Apple’s one.


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Or Firefox bus too, which works like a charm.

Too old for iPadOS too, then…too bad…but great that the device still works well for you!

I’ve network ad-blocking on my router, with brave on devices for whatever may slip though whatever cracks exist/appear there…you may want to look into whether that’s an option for you

Hey Dude,

Thanks for this reply. It is really a pity I have to switch back to Safari. You know, I just reinstalled ALL software I need on this “old” iPad: Edison mail, WhatsApp, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Teams, Safari obviously, Skype, Google Photos, Enpass, pCloud, Roon, Plex, TodoIst, etc… ALL of them run on iPad OS 12.5.5. When a new version doesn’t work, the editor always suggest an older version on the App Store.

The ONLY exception is Brave. Is it a strategic choice? I don’t get their logic, really.

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when you put it that way, it’s perfectly clear to me: a number of those you’ve just cited are notorious and well-known to not place as much credence on your privacy/security as brave does, which suggests to me that your version of iOS can’t support the security protocols the brave devs consider the minimum lately. And as far as using an older version, the same applies in greater measure - they don’t want their name on anything that may betray the brand AND your privacy/security, as that would open them up to at minimum public humiliation, and possibly significantly more, like lawsuits they’d rather not fight.
Does that help or make more sense?

Hi. I don’t know if that makes more sense. iOS 12.5.5 has been enough to position Brave as a safe browser some times ago. The iOS 13 was also enough. And now it is not enough anymore… That’s their choice. Not mine. As far as I am concerned, I just need a good browser that runs on my “antique” machine, and I have one. Problem solved.

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