Cannot download Brave Mobile App for older versions of iphone!

On the vast majority of older versions of IOS (12.x and lower certainly) one is unable to download the Brave mobile app. Whether a bug or intentional policy this is a big problem. The app used to work for these older versions.

It should not be up to Brave if and when users choose to update their phones operating system.

The issue can easily be reproduced by attempting to download or install the app on an older version of IOS.

@mroot ,

You may go back in time, using GitHub:

That link will take your Internet browser to the stable releases going back in time. The oldest is v1.10( for August 1, 2019.

Link to Apple iOS 12:

Apple iOS 12.4 was released July 22, 2019.

iOS 14+ is supported only

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While I appreciate your response, it is a workaround and it does not solve the problem. Your solution requires jailbreaking the iphone (in order to install .ipa’s)

Users should not be forced to choose between upgrading their ios software or doing the above. By requiring such, brave is implicitly taking a stance on if, and how often IOS users should update their phone’s operating system.

Right, that is the problem, why is Brave taking a stance on if or how often users update their phone’s operating system?

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