Looking for an older version of Brave


Is it possible to get older versions of Brave?

I’ve just been given an old Mini iPad 2. The latest version of iOS I can install is 12.5.4. I tried downloading Brave but got a message in the app store saying it requires iOS 13. Another thread about something else said Brave version 1.24 is compatible with iOS 12.5.4.

Can I get this older version of Brave from anywhere? I’ve looked on GitHub but can only find source code for older versions.

Thanks very much… Wils

There are some previous releases on https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/releases but not back to 1.24 that I can see.

There are some previous releases on https://www.fosshub.com/Brave-Browser-old.html but the most recent one is 1.12.112 – I think the site can be trusted but always be careful when downloading software from third parties.

edit: I’m wrong. I don’t see any iOS version there, only macOS and Windows.

Thanks for looking, elder-n00b.

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