Brave using camera permission in background

Generally, Brave has been amazing. It changed my life. But there’s two issues.

  1. I received a notice that Brave was detected using camera permission in the background. Screenshot enclosed:

  1. Before that, for a day or two, when I tried to use Brave to do a web search, the screen was blank on multiple ocassions.

I am concerned about surveilance. It looked like I originally had Brave version V1.5.2? Not sure. In the evening of 11/22/19, I reinstalled Brave. The version I reinstalled happened to be version 1.5.1. It was also in the evening of 11/22/18 that I got the noticification of Brave using camera permission in the background for 7:29 pm. I’m not sure what time I reinstalled Brave because your history doesn’t have the time on it. I wish it did.

I found in my App permissions that all my browsers had permission to use the camera. Why do they need that? Why does Brave need permission to keep my phone from sleeping?

I understand you use Google Chrome as a base and that you used to be more independent of it? As a privacy/security conscious person, that bothered me. I’m not a tech person. I’m not sure why you did that, but it’s a concern.

I have Android operating system 8.1, Samsung Experience 9.5

Thank you for your assistance.

Browser can request camera permissions if a web application needs to take picture. Examples would be browser based video chats.

You can easily disable camera permissions for Brave. In case Brave requested such permissions you then would be specifically asked to grand such permissions.

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Is this setting you are seeing under Samsung's Permission Usage Monitor?

Please note camera/microphone is by default Ask first so if you enable/allow it on one site the app gets added under there. Also the Samsung app is noting that it will alert you if the app is using it background. Brave as an app doesn’t request for access. These are requested by the sites you visit and enabling it on one of them shows that the app has access to camera and microphone.

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