Brave (Android) appears to be using my camera without authorisation?

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Description of the issue:

I’ve enjoyed using Brave on my tablet and it’s very helpful in blocking ads (particularly when combined with AdGuard).

Recently, however, Addons Detector (which live scans) has informed me that Brave is using my camera (giving specific dates and times) when in Brave settings it says that use of camera is blocked and I have also blocked it in the app settings of my tablet.

Addons detector lists permissions which each app takes (as well as addons such as Google ads etc.) and I have found that apps do not always comply with what they officially say.

Under permissions Addons Detector lists the following for Brave: android.permission.CAMERA Take pictures and videos.

This is in direct contradiction to what Brave admits to and to my settings for the browser.

I would appreciate any comments from the developers as I am feeling quite uncomfortable using Brave at all now, including on my desktop.


How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Look at Brave settings, which say the camera is blocked.
    2.Look at the permissions which Brave has actually taken - see above.
    3.Have an app such as Addons Detector live scan your Android Device.

Expected result:

An explanation of why Brave settings say the camera is blocked (and I have also blocked it in the tablet’s settings) when it appear it is using it without authorisation.

Brave Version( check About Brave): Brave 1.10.99, Chromium 83.0.4103.166

Mobile Device details Samsung Galaxy Tab A 1918, Samsung Galaxy Tab 6A

Additional Information: Operating System: Android 9; SM-T590 Build/PPR1.180610.011

There’s nothing to worry about here. What “Addons Detector” is telling you is the permissions the app COULD have access to but that does not mean it DOES have access to use your camera. Or in other words, its showing what Brave requests permissions to, but its always up to you to allow/disallow that from the application settings in your phone. This does NOT mean that its actively using your camera! You will find that if you download another app from the app store and disable camera permissions for it, it will still say the same thing. You can verify the permissions by going to the device application settings for Brave and checking which permissions are toggled on and I don’t mean the launching Brave and modifying settings inside of it. It should be called “Applications” or something similar in your phone settings. Find “Brave” and locate the permissions tab and see what you have allowed access to. Cheers.

Hi, thanks for that!
I get what you’re saying and permission for Brave to use the camera is definitely toggled off in my app settings.
But what highlighted the topic for me in the first place was that Addons Detector, while live scanning, alerted me 3 times over 3 days that Braves was actually using my camera. It gave specific times and dates. This happened last week and I then uninstalled Brave and reinstalled it and haven’t had any more notifications of it using the camera so far.
Of course Addons Detector could be in error - so far though I’ve found all the info it’s given to be really helpful. The addons some apps come with has been a revelation!
Thanks so much for all your thoughts!

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