Brave accessing camera

I have Brave installed on everything but on my Samsung tablet (android) I have just begun to get permission warnings that Brave has been accessing the camera on the tablet. I have checked the permissions of course and Brave doesn’t have permission.

? Got me beat. Has anyone come across this? I’m so paranoid and untrusting of browsers that unless there is a viable explanation Brave will get the chop from all my devices.

Very keen to see if I get any responses.

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Thanks for reaching out to us. Are the warnings you see the standard Android system warnings that would appear when any app is requesting permission?
Additionally, can you tell me if you know how to trigger the request? For example, visiting a certain website or changing a specific setting?

I have had the warning twice. The first one logged two instances of Brave using the camera, no length of time. The second warning was just the once. I can say that I wasn’t using the browser simply because currently I am trialling Firefox preview so Brave was not launched.

And while I’m at it I have had Brave reverting it’s search engine back to Google from DDG on its own as well. That problem is not as great but it makes me sit up and wonder what is going on.

So, to confirm, Brave was not launched, you were using FF, and then the system alerted you that Brave was attempting to access your camera – is that correct? Were you doing any of the same things when it happened the second time that you were also doing the first time?

Ok, to be clear. I was not using any browser when I got the alert. I have not been using Brave in general as I have been using FF preview. I was doing other things on the tablet when the alerts popped up.

Yesterday I decided to go into the Permissions Monitor which is a Samsung thing. I can’t seem to access, or find, where it keeps its logs but I can get into its permissions sections. In my general apps section (not the Permissions Monitor section) Brave only has permission for storage, no camera, no microphone. Yet, in the Permissions Monitor section Brave has permissions allowed for both of these.

So that is it. I have never allowed Brave access to these things and this Permissions Monitor thing seems to be pretty spot on with what it reports which is why Brave stood out.

With no further support here from Brave, not even a denial, that Brave can access my camera, I am now uninstalling Brave from all devices. Another browser with a question mark over it.

Not to mention its tendency to default to google search from time to time. No trust here now from me.

Apologies for the late reply – please understand that we get hundreds to thousands of new support requests across all channels daily.

Can I ask if you are using Brave Sync on this device? Additionally, are you referring to the permissions monitor that comes built in with the Galaxy or is this a 3rd party app?

Thanks for the reply. I don’t use Brave synch and the Permissions Monitor is the native Samsung one.

I’ll now consider this matter in the too hard basket. I have since received the notification that Brave is accessing my tablet camera three more times. All of these have been while Brave was open.

Don’t bother replying. It will uninstalled by the time you read this. Fortunately there are plenty of alternatives.

No problem – we’re sorry to see you go.
For what it’s worth, this is not at all intended behavior and I can almost assure you that Brave is not accessing your camera without permission.

The test would be, if you re-install the browser, to install, open the Brave app, but don’t visit websites. Simply keep the app running. If, after time, you receive one of these notifications, we may need to investigate the behavior further. If not, then it’s highly likely it was a specific site that had or was requesting access to you device camera.

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