High memory use and process count

As the title says. Using the latest Brave release. I have 4 tabs open and use three extensions. This consumes over 1 Gb of RAM and launches 18 processes.

There is no need for this.

I am also using Firefox (need Chromium for one extension hence Brave) and have the same extensions except the incompatible one, plus another 4, and currently 23 tabs open. This uses 874 Mb and 9 processes.

That one extension is not the cause as disabling it in Brave releases one process and frees up 50 Mb of RAM.

I’d really need you to prioritise resource use. Doing some basic searching I noticed similar complaints stretching back for more than a year.

Always test with no extensions just to rule out any buggy extensions, also check Brave Task manager ≡ → More Tools → Task Manager to get a better breakdown of usage.

Extensions were fine. The highest memory use was from the Google Chat frames. I have three Gmail accounts open. After killing them in the Brave task manager the memory use is much more reasonable.

Yeah I have to agree here. The recent update is extremely heavy.
I used to be able to have 14 tabs open without hearing my fans at all. Now it only takes 3 and it sounds like I’m using VR. Don’t know what Brave did, but it now consumes way too much CPU and RAM.